Hi, I’m Libby

Hi and welcome, I’m Libby the creative source and founder of ‘Blue Alchemy Centre’ and ‘Enlightened Traveller’.

I am a writer, explorer, keen traveller and holistic counsellor. 

Libby Kinna

For over 25 years I have been facilitating spirit-centered personal transformation for my students and clients through various complimentary and holistic based therapies.

My mission is to create empowering, compassionate and insightful personal transformation environments for those seeking to be the best versions of themselves. To take their life experience deeply inward, to gain insight, to heal, to raise it up and step by step live a more integrated and authentic life.

This is currently facilitated through:

Two core values are deeply embedded in my foundation – connection and curiosity. Connection to self, to other, the Land, Planet Earth and Universal flows. Curiosity to continually evolve and become the best I can be and explore new possibilities.

My creative loves Blue Alchemy Centre and Enlightened Traveller were born and intertwined through these values.

Inspired by

I am inspired by the rich red earth of Central Australia, the pristine coastline of Western Australia, the ancient wisdom of ‘The Kimberley’ region, boab trees and the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city life.

Libby Kinna - Kings Canyon 2010

Of interest…

Key areas of interest for me currently include divorce, suicide impacts, ancestral journeys, transgenerational impacts, epigenetics, interpersonal neurobiology and the transformative power of grief.

I write extensively on these topics and many others on my blog.

Sessions can be booked by emailing me libby@libbykinna.com.au .

My first book ‘heartspeak’ , a collection of prose, was published in 2018. I am currently working on my second, a creative non-fiction novel.

‘heartspeak’ by Libby Kinna. Available for purchase at Amazon.

You can also purchase flower essence stock bottles and blends.

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