Grief, loss & divorce

Divorce is an ending. Endings result in a sense of loss. Grief ensues.

Below are some of my personal wonderings of loss and grief through the divorce process.

  • Is the grief for me or for them?
  • Is it a sense of loss for what was?
  • Feel how it feels
  • Drain the grief pool
  • Feel, allow, don’t judge
  • Waves, ride the waves
  • Depth
  • Let it pass through
  • Exquisiteness of moving through the other side of the wave
  • Let it wash over you
  • Deference of what will be now
  • Acceptance of what is
  • I will be changed through it
  • Loss of what was
  • Loss of what is
  • Loss of what was to be
  • Letting go of the life and being (self) as I created it
  • Letting go of who I think he is
  • Letting go of who I choose to see
  • Death of my life as it was
  • Youth
  • Attractiveness
  • Sex, physical intimacy
  • Loss of future moments, shared goals, dreams and visions
  • Loss of family unit
  • Loss of Love
  • Loss of everything I have valued, worked for, lived for and cherished
  • Keep going
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