Transformational Fire

Travelling through the rugged terrain of The Kimberley’s in North Western Australia is not a task to be undertaken lightly.  It’s a vast, rugged and incredibly remote terrain that needs to be treated with respect.

Gibb River Rd, The Kimberley

Turning onto Gibb River Rd, The Kimberley region

On my first trip ‘up north’, heading along the Gibb River Rd on our way to El Questro the landscape was black, scorched from fires that were still burning and traversing their way along the land.   Initially bothered by what I saw and fearful of the spot fires, I soon saw a different picture.

Indigenous cultures cared for the land knowing of the beneficial outcomes of controlled burn offs.  With an awareness of the cycles of the land and the seasons, burning the land enables a cyclical cleansing and growth process to occur.

‘a slow controlled burn’

Watching the spot fires traverse the landscape and engulf the shrubs and trees was an eerily beautiful image.  I was focussed on what was visible to the eye – devastation and destruction.

What I was see was not the whole picture, the truth of the situation.  Whilst they looked dead, blackened and barren they were alive.

Down the road a bit on land previously burned, these black trees and shrubs were showing little sprays of green foliage, of life, of new growth.  That was a stunning image, bursts of apple green foliage springing forth from blackened tree trunks.

The fire enabled new growth to occur.

You may see burnt out tree hollows yet deep down at the root level there is newness.

You may smell a scored land yet the winds move it through.

You may see devastation yet it is creation.

You may feel sad for what has died yet it is an earthly joy.

The fire has a transformational force that only it knows of.


Where do you need to burn off the dross?

How could you use your inner transformation fire to burn away, to transmute the old and make way for the new?

Imagine what regrowth could occur?

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