Travel with soul purpose

Conscious travel.   Travelling with a soul purpose.  Enlightened travel.

This is travel that illuminates, that gives one the opportunity to gain insight into ones true self.  It is a process that provides growth, experience and expansion for the whole being.  It goes beyond travelling purely for R&R and drops the traveller deeper into themselves.  Showing them more of who they are by providing reflection of their biases, limitations, judgements.

Roman Forum, Rome, Italy 2015

It is a portal, a pathway to accelerate ones healing self-actualisation process.  The desired outcome being a greater awareness of self, a deepening connectedness with oneself and of the land.  A releasing of limiting and harmful personality, egoic behaviours, patterns and programs.

Travel with a higher purpose.  To be stretched further than thought possible.  To be shown other ways to live and in doing so bust any limiting beliefs and/or family patterns that are restricting the growth of the soul.  To meet new people, people whom live differently to oneself and in doing so give you an opportunity to review and check in with how you are ‘doing your life’.

Travel can be defined as the ‘the movement of people or objects between relatively distant geographical locations’.  It has also been described as ‘a journey along or through (a country) and that covers (a distance).  That wondrous process of movement.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy 2015

It is being stretched, of remembering who I truly am, of the soul journeying through time, of the place, the steps along the way and of the destination which then becomes the place of departure!  The cyclical nature of travel.

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