A New Year, a new offering

I have always been better at beginnings then endings. There is something delicious about a blank page from which you can create what has not been before. The splurge of newness is exciting and brings with it a burst of energy that fuels activity.

Endings though seem to lean on any unresolved loss within. The scars of grief get pushed upon and can cause discomfort. The loss of what once was and won’t be again. Completion. Wrapping up. What will come now?

New Years Eve blends the two together and for me its a challenging time. I hold the space for two experiences to co-exist – the excitement of new and the feeling of endings.

Whilst the clock ticks over at midnight and the calendar tells us its a New Year, we are still who we were at 11.59pm. Nothing miraculously disappears.

Within this though is a huge offering. New Year is an opportunity to review and take stock. To review what happened, what was, how you were, where you contracted and where you chose to expand, where you shrunk and where you grew. And within that to identify how you would like to do life differently.

Its a chance to become clearer about what you need to let go of, what patterns and beliefs no longer suit and what direction you wish to head.

You are the captain of your ship. You decide how you respond. You may not always choose what happens to you but what happens internally is all yours. The voices in your head and heart need your attention. What words come from a space of love? which from fear? Feed the love.

Change can be confronting. Change is about accountability and responsibility. This is what New Year brings. The chance to review and make the changes needed.

Let love be your compass.

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