Three travel companions

Travel, whilst incredibly exciting, can have an impact on one’s health be it physically, emotionally or mentally.  We must take care of our body so that we can fully enjoy our journey and our return home.

I always have Rescue Remedy (a Bach Flower Remedy blend) with me and it’s a given it goes away with me. 

For overseas travel, I always ensure these three other natural products come too.

My 3 travel companions – Lavender oil, ABFE Travel Essence & Space Clearing Mist

Small enough to be carry on luggage they support me prior, during and post travel.  

Lavender oil

Make sure it’s a pure essential oil, not a fragrance blend.  I personally find it’s a great aid for sleep.  A few drops on my temples does wonders.  It can also be used in a bath (if you are lucky enough to have one where you are staying!).

‘Travel Essence’ and ‘Space Clearing Skin & Space Mist’ are both Australian Bush Flower Essences products. 

I have used flower essences for over 30 years now and am an accredited Practitioner. I truly appreciate their natural healing potential. 

‘Travel Essence’ is an infusion of over 10 bush flower essences.   The directions for use are on the bottle and in may assist in balancing and refreshing oneself while travelling.  I personally found it a great way to lessen the impact of jet lag.   It also helps me emotionally and to remain centered and grounded. 

The ‘Space Clearing’ mist is a spray infused with the flower essences and essential oils.  It can be used as a skin spray and it’s a delicate scent that refreshes.  Personally though its great to clear the energy of a room. Who know who has been in that room and bed before you! 

Clearing the space you are in is pivotal for good health.

The ABFE products can be purchased through health food stores as well as online. Lavender Oil can be found at chemists. I personally use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils. If needed they can be sourced through me directly.

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