The threads of life

What free-form weaving has shown me about life

It is all about the foundation.  A steady, reliable and solid foundation enables you to create and build.  It lays the ground work upon which you grow.  Your foundation must be steady.  There is no room for cracks or a missed thread.  When weaving it is all about layer upon layer upon layer.  Each layer dependant upon the other to settle and become part of the foundation.  You can’t skip a row or decided half way to stop.  Each layer, each facet plays its part and must be in place before the other can commence.   There is no place for bells and whistles in the foundation.  Keep it clear.

“blue mashup” by Libby Kinna

As we take that within ourselves what is your foundation built upon?  Is it steady?  What is in it?  Review your foundation – your values, your aspirations, your alignment, your priorities.  What needs to change to enable your new life to be created upon.  Any outdated roles, beliefs, patterns and behaviours that should be reviewed?  It’s important to see what is going on in there and make the necessary modifications.

The interplay between horizontal and vertical.  Its easy to look at the weave and see nothing but horizontal rows of yarn interspersed.  What you don’t see is the vertical threads that enable the horizontal to be formed.  Known as the warp thread, it is wrapped around the loom horizontally tied diagonally across the back.   Without the warp thread, the weave cannot be woven.  There is a constant interplay between the vertical and horizontal, one needs the other.  There is no separation.  Remove one and it all falls apart. 

It’s the same with us, there is our vertical alignment from the earth at the soles of our feet all the way up and through to our connection to spirit through the top of our head.  For some this is an easy one to visual, to experience.  The other though is our horizontal alignment the direction we are heading, where we place ourselves, what was before and what is to come.  Horizontal and vertical, an interplay that forms our foundation.  The same with us, is there a constant flow between your connection to the earth and source?  Is this in tune with the direction you are heading?  Or is the direction you are heading out of alignment with you as source, as spirit?  The two need to be aligned and working harmoniously.

The weave reveals itself thread by thread.  You can’t get ahead of yourself.  It creates itself moment by moment.  It speaks to present-ness.  Full immersion is required in each weave.  It pulls you in.  The yarn thread through the needle, the needle in your hand, the only place is now, the immediate weave in front of you.  You can’t get ahead of yourself and start weaving up the top right, when the foundational layers haven’t been created.   Whilst you can have a sense, a vision of how you want it to be and work towards that you can really only work with the one next weave that is in front of you.  You must be open to this constantly changing, as you experience one colour of yarn next to another, one texture against another, the interplay between colour, texture and depth.  

Like life, you can have an ideal, a goal, a direction you are heading yet at the same time you can only work with what is here right now and be open, adaptable to changing what you work with and where it will take you.  Anything is possible in this space.  If you sense it, give it a go.  You can always change.  

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