The Hero’s Journey and personal transformation

The journey to know thyself is the richest, most challenging yet purposeful one we undertake.
This is a great article connecting the work of Joseph Campbell and ‘the Hero’s Journey’ as it relates to personal transformation.

“American mythologist, Joseph Campbell, described personal transformation as a hero’s journey. You can imagine the hero who must enter the darkness, face challenges, slay the dragon, retrieve the treasure, and emerge stronger… challenging life events can serve as a call to enter the hero’s journey. You may feel as though you have been thrown into an abyss. The dragons you must slay are the inner demons that remain as a result of the painful memories from your past. You walk into the darkness in order retrieve the treasures that exists within you such as inner strength, wisdom, and hope. You emerge with an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose which become the gifts that you have to offer to the world” Dr Arielle Schwartz

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