The Soul’s Journey

Another perspective on your life travels

We are a human being living on this lovely Planet Earth.  However, we are more than that.   Within us lies an eternal soul.  What some would call ‘the indwelling entity’.  It is that of us that lives eternal.  It transcends time and space.  Confined by no one or no thing.  With each incarnation, or embodiment, the soul takes up residence with the human purely for the purpose of experience.  Experiences of which are designed to assist that soul to heal, to grow, to serve, to transcend and continually strive for wholeness. 

Each embodiment is set up for the soul to ensure exactly the most appropriate conditions within which this soul can carry out what is needed to.  From the date of birth, to the selection of parents, country to within one is born, the family structure all is part of the puzzle that the Universe has set up and put in place.  It is part of the ‘sacred contract’ (a term coined by caroline myss) that we are born where we are, within our family and that in doing so all these ‘souls’ come together once more to meet, connect, relate and heal.  It is our responsibility to see that through.

The human experiences are challenging yet designed purely for the soul’s evolution.  The soul is impacted by the human experience. With each embodiment it has the opportunity to heal past hurts. 

Imagine then if you will, where could your soul journey and ancestral journey may have crossed?  It adds a whole other level to being an ‘enlightened traveller’.  Is this why you are drawn to a certain place?  Is it possible you as a soul had an incarnation ‘there’?  And taking it further is there unresolved issues that you ‘here and now’ and transform, heal and release?  Trend gently and consciously.

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