How your ancestors can be influencing your life

The life our ancestors lived can influence who we are now.   ‘Transgenerational’ relates to the ‘transference through generations’.  It is the interconnectedness of all.  There is no isolation. 

Like the rippling effect of a pebble hitting a smooth lake surface, so can our ancestors life experiences move through us.   

The influence of which may be seen in our:

  • attachments
  • coping mechanisms
  • behaviour
  • biases
  • fears and anxieties

Trauma too can be transmitted across generations.  Unresolved trauma can be carried genetically.   Our life experiences can modify our DNA.  Epigenetic changes are transmitted from parent to child during conception and pregnancy.  Explore this further by reading my blog on epigenetics.

   Being aware of transgenerational influences

  • gives an opportunity to become more aware of self
  • it is not of blame and judgement towards those from which we came.  We are not these wounds.  Who we are though now gives an opportunity to lean into these insights
  • explore your family history and look for repetition of life experiences
  • as you become aware you have the opportunity to heal and release these tethers. In  doing so lay a different path for your grandchildren and their grandchildren

What to do?

  • use your insights to break the ties that bind
  • let go of any outdated beliefs, patterns and behaviours
  • become curious about who you really are
  • turn towards the unresolved and lean into the discomfort
  • gain support from a therapist where needed

Curious to know more?

Contact me to explore how one-on-one transformational holistic counselling and mentoring may assist you to be ‘you’

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