Enlightened Travel

Enlightened travel is travel that illuminates. It is conscious, aligned and attuned to you as a spiritual being. It gives one the opportunity to gain insight into ones true self. It is a process that provides growth, experience and expansion for the whole being. It goes beyond travelling purely for the humanness and drops the traveller deeper into themselves, showing them more of who they are.

Image by Greg Rakozy

It is travel with soul purpose. Through travel we are exposed to new experiences. With soul awareness we become aware of how we feel in a place. Have you as a soul lived ‘here’ before? How do you feel in a place. There will be places that may remind you of other moments in your souls journey – some pleasant, others not so. You could be given the opportunity to heal wounds you didn’t know existed that have been carried through lifetimes.

It is a portal, a pathway to accelerate ones healing and self-actualisation process. It results in greater awareness of self, a deepening connectedness with oneself and of the land. A releasing of limiting and harmful personality and egoic behaviours, patterns and programs.

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