Ancestral roots – ‘the ties that bind’

Ancestral Roots  

In her book ‘Core Light Healing’ Barbara Ann Brennan introduces the concept of ancestral roots.[1]  My sensory experience as an ancestral researcher and storyteller reinforces what she shares.  I ‘feel’ my ancestors with each record I uncover and use these sensations as a guide as to what within my genetic line needs care and healing.  Transgenerational influences continue ‘down the line’ until someone stops long enough to discover, listen, feel and heal. 

I have shared previously that at a point in my life where I felt disconnected and unsure of who I was, ancestral researching provided me with a sense of connection.  Through my ancestors I knew where I came from and that fostered a feeling of belonging.  Within them, my existence made sense.  I was literally the result of the love of many before me.   This in itself provided comfort.

Whilst ancestral records provide a framework, attempting to discover stories is another facet, albeit it personal, to genealogy.  In researching the history of a place, a time and its people you can start to collate a familial story, a narrative you could say.  These stories of our ancestors, are our stories.  These stories connect us to our roots.

our foundations are rooted to the Earth and to the past with our ancestors who prepared a way for us to move into the future  [2]

Here are some of the key sharing’s from Brennan regarding ancestral roots.  For those new to the concept of cords, I suggest you read my previous article on ancestral connections

Ancestral roots are different from relational cords, yet there is a connection between them.  

  • Ancestral roots are strong, solid black and flexible
  • These are the ties that bind us to our birth families
  • They stretch from inside the seals in our chakras down into our core central connection to the Earth
  • They can become disfigured and very unhealthy, predominately through negative intergenerational imprints, referred to as traditional ancestral roots.
  • Traditional ancestral roots can be used to manipulate current generations through the imposition of traditions, based from elders onto the next generations
    • In their extreme negative condition they can be misused to control other and interfere with free will.  This can be seen in the need of a parent (or grandparent) to perpetuate religious, cultural beliefs, prejudices or in wanting to maintain traditions. 
    • Another way to relate with them, is where a parent who was not able to create what they wanted out of life will, through genetic cords with their child, influence the child to do what he/she sought. [3]

Each generation has the right, to forge their own path.   Whilst our sense of identity is initially molded by the family narrative we are born into, at some point in our journey we must step into and become who we are.  This is authenticity and uniqueness.  It is challenging to unhook from family ways, but if these ways are outdated and do not serve you, it is the most loving step to take.  Not easy, but necessary.


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