about holistic counselling

holistic counselling is an approach which considers and takes into account all the elements/aspects of  person.  Body, mind, emotion and spirit.  Counselling is a process through which a relationship is created based on rapport, trust and congruence.  A  non-judgmental and compassionate space exists for open, honest communication.  The counsellors approach is one of knowing that the client has all the skills necessary to facilitate change and deal with the issues that may present.

Linda Koen

‘Transformational Holistic Counselling’, is a unique and integrated approach to counselling and is the model that I facilitate with my clients.  It is also the counselling framework that supported me through my own deeply transformative experience of the ending of my marriage. 

It is a lived experience.  I trust this process and am deeply grateful for the healing and personal transformation it resulted in (and continues to).

Transformational Holistic Counselling was created by Linda Koen at Source Centre.  It is accredited through the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association (AHHCA).   

Its three core concepts include:

  • personal integration and self mastery, 
  • personal leadership,
  • facilitating transformational processes through the holistic counselling model 

There are many counselling styles, this one draws upon the work of Carl Rogers in his humanistic approach, Irvin Yalom’s existential psychotherapy model as well as the work of Maslow, Bandura and notable others.  It is an integrated model of therapy.

If you are interested in knowing more or would like to discuss working with me please contact me.   

Sessions are currently held on Saturdays in Alkimos, Perth.