ancestral researching

Why did I become an ancestral searcher?

I love exploring my ancestral records, following the hints provides, discovering family secrets, uncovering the past and discovering the stories of my ancestors. It is a huge puzzle that I pull together and in doing so the picture emerges. I become aware of where my family came from, the life they lived and the personal challenges and struggles they experienced.

I gain an appreciation for what my ancestors overcame and become curious as to how this may contribute to my genetic makeup here and now. Its honouring their courage and sacrifices and what I choose to pay forward.

In my blog post ‘Trans-generational Imprints – a personal awakening’ I share my personal insights in regards to trans-generational influences.

Could family history be repeating itself?

Being aware of your past and any associated transgenerational influences  is an important part of the personal transformation process.

The unresolved past can be passed through generations waiting to be addressed, healed and integrated.  Epigenetics is the way in which this occurs.

Ask yourself these questions

  • What familial stories were you told as a child that may influence who you think you are?
  • How may your ancestral collective past be impacting on who you are now?
  • Are there familiar behaviours, patterns, stories that you are repeating that are not a true representation of who you are?
  • What role does epigenetics play in this repetition?
  • What can you do to become more aware and create change?
  • Are there cords that need to be cut?  Ties that bind to be undone? 

Exploring these questions and more through the transformational holistic counselling framework could prove insightful and a catalyst for change

Travelling to ancestral lands

In 2019 I undertook my first ancestral pilgrimage to Scotland and immersed myself in the land that of my ancestors.  This journey facilitated an inner transformation resulting in a deeper to self and the land; one that is now fuelling my next creative endeavours.

I love travelling to my ancestral lands and unravelling the familial landscape.  Its full circle.

River Tay, Dunkeld, Scotland…. ancestral land