Blue Alchemy Centre

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, some we bounce with yet others hit hard.  So hard, the impact is life shattering.    Life as we knew it will never be the same again.  Our heart needs time to feel and heal.

I created ‘Blue Alchemy Centre‘ to be the place to come to in such times.  It is where one can be supported through times of intense personal challenges.  It is also an environment that can empower you to make the changes you feel you need to make to step more into your truth and authentic expression.

I, like you, have not been immune to grief and its through my personal  experiences of dealing with my brother dying to suicide in 2000 and the ending of my 20 year marriage many years later that the seed was planted for  ‘Blue Alchemy Centre’ to be born.      Read more of my personal story.


The colour blue has always had a profound effect upon me.  As a young girl, I always wanted a blue room and I remember wanting a sky blue coloured car.

The ocean draws me in and the sky makes me wonder.

Its a colour and a feeling, a state of being.

Its the colour representing the throat chakra – the communication gateway.

Its the colour of the 2nd Planetary Ray of ‘Love and Wisdom’.

Its the deep celestial blue lapis lazuli – the great protector, wisdom and truth.

Blue soothes, calms and cools.  Depending upon its depth it also envelops, protects and nurtures.

It’s hydrangeas, the brand colour of Wedgwood, blueberries, the colour of Peter Rabbits jacket, it’s the fleur-de-lis and regal and the aquamarine in my engagement ring.


“a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way”

transformation – transmutation – raising frequency – rising above –

fear into clarity –

anger into acceptance –

pain into compassion –

separation into wholeness –