Life Impacts

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, some we bounce with yet others hit hard.  So hard, the impact is life shattering.    Life as we knew it will never be the same again.  Our heart needs time to feel and heal.

I created ‘Blue Alchemy Centre‘ to be the place to come to in such times.  It is where one can be supported through times of intense personal challenges.  It is also an environment that can empower you to make the changes you feel you need to make to step more into your truth and authentic expression.

I share through my blog and other written works my personal experiences with grief and loss, divorce and losing a loved one to suicide.

They both have moulded me into who I am today and what I offer.

Neither define me yet both are intrinsically woven into who I am now.

They also enable me to empathise with those who too have or are moving through similar experiences.

I am here to let you know that you will be okay. It may not seem like it in moments, but you will be. I am here to hold that knowing for you.