My story

My story

Life has brought me unplanned challenges.  It’s probably done the same to you.

In November 2000, my brother committed suicide.  Life as I knew it shattered before me and from that moment I spent years searching, exploring modalities like reiki, feng shui, aromatherapy and flower essences for something that would give me clarity and peace.

A stay-at-home, my prime focus for many years was raising my children and nurturing our family environment.  I was fortunate enough to be in this position and days were filled around the home.  As the children became teenagers and young adults, my marriage was showing signs of being unwell.  Over a period of time, it became clear it couldn’t sustain itself.  My marriage of 22 years ended in 2013.

I entered a dark, despondent and immensely painful period.  It took time, but healing occurs and my divorce became an intimate healing and transformative process.

I began working in learning and development, helping small business owners, mentoring apprentices and sharing the power of flower essences.  Quite a diverse mix yet the commonality within all is the deep desire and passion to assist people to become the best version of themselves possible, regardless of what is occurring to them.

I have learned a thing or two about change, particularly when it is in response to events that I didn’t initiate.  It can get messy deep within and challenging to know which way is the most loving.

Now I write about the experience of human loss, separation, of taking these experiences inward and ultimately finding your own truth.  I talk about how ancestral ties affect our lives, and how conscious and enlightened travel can offer fuel for transformation.