personal alchemy | transformation

The process of personal transformation is lifelong. There is no end, no destination to be reached. It is a journey. Throughout it we are continually required to review, let go and choose new. We are the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.

Looking in the mirror we see our human reflection. Looking through the eyes of your heart, you feel your eternal presence, your soul. The one that transcends time and space. In order to change and grow we need to become conscious of the unconscious. To shine light on the hidden and be willing to surrender what we now to the unknown.

Personal transformation is about ‘know thyself’. Understanding where you came from is a part of this. Informing yourself of your collective ancestral story can be helpful in this regard. Travelling to ancestral places with respect and a conscious awareness can be a catalyst for transformation. It becomes a portal for insight, healing and awareness.

Maybe you sense there is something ‘else’ to you or waiting for you but not sure how to get ‘there’? If this is the case working with me as your mentor you can make a start.  You must be willing to see and own your truth, let go of self-imposed limitations, to be curious and step courageously.  I journey alongside you as we explore new terrain together. 

Specialising in the life experiences of:

  • separation
  • divorce
  • living with suicide
  • grief and loss
  • mid-life redesign
  • moving home/interstate
  • adjusting to kids leaving home
  • living alone

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