Transformational Divorce

“the magic is in the mess” Brene Brown

Divorce is messy. Any relationship ending can be.

Photo by Ricardo Viana on Unsplash
“the magic is in the mess”

It really sums it up for me. Regardless of how you arrive at this point in a relationship, the process of separating from two to one can be like breaking the umbilical cord. It hurts. Lives get turned inside out. Its being hit by a tsunami that wipes everything out. In moments you don’t know which way is up, or if there even is a ground to land on.

But land you will.

You may not know how, but you will.

You will be different, your life will be not as planned and yes there is magic in the mess.

Its taken me 5 years to know this to be so.

I write of my personal experience with divorce and share through my blog.

I offer you my hand of counselling support if you need it. I did. This was the first step I took. To get my support system in place. Its pivotal. Without it I would’t be here. Reach out if you feel to.

My transformational divorce counselling program provides you with nurturing support to navigate the challenging process of separation and divorce. Its about tapping into the transformative power of grief and loss resulting in psycho-spiritual transformation.

Its giving you the tools and healing strategies needed to heal and move forward with an open heart and upcast eyes.

together we explore…

  • the phases of separation
  • creating a safe and healing space for yourself
  • the power of acceptance
  • the choiceless choice
  • guilt, blame and shame
  • connection
  • reorientation
  • the importance of ritual
  • willing surrender
  • transcending the personal factor
  • transformational potential

Divorce offers huge personal transformational potential.

The experience alters the trajectory of your life. There is no turning back, no going back, no undoing, no erasing, no substituting, no ignoring or avoiding. It will leave an imprint on your soul, an incision on your heart. A wound that will need care and healing. A scar that only you will see and feel.

Yet deep within you, a voice will awaken and speak to you. It knows your way. Be still, listen, feel and heal.

Be still, listen, feel and heal

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