Transgenerational Influences

‘Transgenerational’ relates to the influences across generations.  It is how the unresolved trauma from our ancestors may impact upon us and our relationship with life.  Life impacts our ancestors experienced may play out and influence how we in turn relate with life.   And perhaps what we draw towards us to experience so we can grow.

It’s the interconnectedness of all.  No one is in isolation to the other.  Like the rippling effect of a pebble hitting a smooth lake surface, so to do the generations past ripple through us.   

I recall the first time I was introduced to the term ‘transgenerational’ and in that moment so much of my own personal life experience vividly became clearer.

Trauma can be transmitted across generations.  You can explore this further on my piece on epigenetics.   The influence of this could be seen in our attachments, coping mechanisms, behaviour, biases, fears and anxieties.  

Transgenerational gives us an opportunity to become more aware of self.  Its not of blame and judgement towards those from which we came.  We are not these wounds.  Who we are though now gives an opportunity to lean into these insights, to explore your family history and to turn towards the unresolved.  As you become aware you have the opportunity to heal and release these tethers and in doing so lay a different path for your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

There are many supportive therapies to support us through this process of transformation and healing.