Within our sessions, I offer you a space to be heard, to explore, to safely feel and deepen your relationship with self.   Its an environment built upon trust, empathy, congruence and respect.   There is no agenda or desired outcome.  No right or wrong.  No good or bad.  Its free of judgment and entirely yours to own.

You simply bring what you need to and together we explore.

With a healthy blend of hope, compassion and curiosity together we create the ‘3rd space’.  The ‘3rd space’ is where the magic and insight happens and is unique to each therapeutic relationship.  Compassion is such an important quality to engender for oneself, particularly when change is required.  Change is scary and personally I found that trying to force and push myself to be somewhere/someone I wasn’t is not very loving.  It didn’t result in long lasting change.

When you hold yourself in a space of compassion your humanness will respond differently.  It will begin to trust and feel loved and safe.  Within this space the change that is required will be kinder and respectful to your whole being.

Letting go of what was and stepping into the unknown new may not be an easy process particularly for those of us who struggle with that ‘c’ word ‘change’.

I welcome the opportunity to journey along side you through transition.

When my marriage ended, my world collapsed (you can read more here if you feel to) yet through engaging with my counsellor and mentor over an extended period of time I have transitioned (not always gracefully) into a new ‘me’ and new life.  We can’t do it alone.  I am here to offer you a hand, an ear and a cuppa if need be.

Key offerings include:

  • the ‘wrapping up of your marriage’ – transitioning from married to solo and all that entails
  • ‘transformational divorce’ – moving through separation and divorce in an empowering and transformational way
  • the ’empty nest’ – working through changes in your family dynamic and structure as your children leave home
  • ‘suicide impacts’ – healing the impact and trauma of losing a loved one to suicide
  • from dependant to independant – transitioning into being self-sourcing

Sessions are currently available on Saturdays in Alkimos, Perth.

If you would like to know more please contact me.