place and travel

Born in Melbourne, Victoria (a place fondly in my heart),  I currently live in Perth, Western Australia.    My adult-kids are all now walking their own path, so I too am walking a new path. Some days courageously others with trepidation.

In 2015 during the midst of my divorce, I took my first solo trip overseas and experienced the historical beauty of Italy. For four glorious weeks I awakened to the cultural delights of Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Umbria and Venice. It began a deeply healing process for me and awakened me from a deep, deep sleep.

In 2019 I undertook an ancestral pilgrimage to Scotland, immersing myself in this land, her people and culture (that of my ancestors).  This facilitated an inner transformation resulting in a deeper sense of connection to self and land;  one which is now fuelling my creative endeavours. My ancestral roots were awakened and now I feel out of place here in Australia. It is an interesting process this one of connection and belonging.

My love of travel has seen me explore Central Australia (an ancient land that resonants with my spirit),  the Northern Territory, ‘the Kimberley’ region of Western Australia,  South Australia and Tasmania. When we moved from Melbourne to Perth back in 2009 we drove ‘the Nullabor’.