ancestral lineage and research

My ancestral roots stem from Scotland, Ireland and England.  The spirit of the lands of Perthshire, Argyllshire, Lanarkshire, Kincardineshire and the Scottish Highlands along with County Clare in Ireland, and the British seaside villages of Portsmouth and Eastbourne travel through my genetic line.   My soul naturally gravitates towards the research of these ancestral lands, the history of its people and place. 

When my ancestors migrated to Australia during the 1800’s they settled and created new lives in the Victorian towns of Ballarat, Bendigo, Dunkeld, Tarraville and the inner city suburb of Richmond, along with Hobart in Tasmania.  Richmond is where my story begins and it is a place that still feels like home.  

Historical periods of keen interest include the British Empire during the 19th century (most notably the Highland Clearances and the Irish Potato Famine), assisted migration to the colonies, Australian convict history, Australian colonisation and pastoral settlement in Victoria, the Gold Rush period and both World Wars.   As a student of History I am continually discovering new moments in time that capture my attention and guide further research projects.

I continue to actively research my ancestral families that include (but not limited to) Kinna(ne), McPherson, Dickie, Jenkins, Dennis, Collis and McOwan.

With a deep appreciation for my ancestors that immigrated to Australia during the 1800’s, I respectfully research and share their stories.  Through their stories I am connected to place and historical moments.  In bringing them to light I become a conscious co-creator of future moments by letting go of past ties and owning the strengths passed down genetically.